We take quality control seriously.

Quality Control is a responsibility that Safa Food Limited take very seriously, hence the independent certification by one internationally recognized standards, the BRC Food Standard.

Through pre-delivery inspections, supplier and manufacturer audits, adherence to the BRC Food Grade (Higher Level) Grade AA standard, HACCP and in-house Quality Assurance Management System, including product traceability, Quality Assurance is the cornerstone of our company culture.

BRC standards requires the adoption and implementation of HACCP, a documented and effective quality management system and the continuous control of environment standards, products, processes and personnel.

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Safa Food uses a rigorous Quality Management System to assure the best production practices. QMS incorporates comprehensive and best practice procedures covering areas such as HACCP, continual improvement, GMP, new product development, calibration, hygiene, safety, environmental.

To meet this objective, it is the policy of Safa Food to:

Implement and maintain the BRC Food Grade standard AA.

Implement and maintain a documented Quality Management System.

Implement and maintain HACCP programmeImplement and maintain industry recycling through Repak.

Implement and maintain a system of product traceability.

Purchase goods from suppliers who operate similar Quality Management Systems.

Comply with local and government environmental policies.

Motivate and encourage all staff on an ongoing basis to recognize the importance of quality as part of outstanding customer service.

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