Despite the devastating fire that broke out on our Cookstown premises, the production of our Pitta breads, Wraps and Naan breads are unaffected.

We appreciate your continued support.

Safa Food Partners
Safa Food Partners
Safa Food Pitta Bread

Pitta Bread

Our wholemeal pitta is a modern, health-conscious take on a culinary antique.

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Safa Food Naan Bread

Naan Bread

A great accompaniment to traditional Indian or contemporary fusion cuisines.

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Safa Food Wraps Bread


Made with a soft double layer, cushier than a tortilla for a bite with versatility.

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Our B2B Promise.

Whether you're a large retailer, a chain restaurant or a mom and pop deli, you can rest assured knowing that you'll always be treated as our number 1 customer.


We offer same day or next day delivery on all orders and meet high volume orders.

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Food Service Industry Supply.

Whether you’re a family owned restaurant or an established franchise, you can count on us to deliver excellence each and every day.

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We can produce large quantities of our full product range on short notice and offer same & next day delivery as well.

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Private Labeling.

Focus on building and growing your brand while leaving production in our capable hands. We can also help you introduce a truly bespoke product.

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Product Development.

Looking for something to fit your niche and suit your customers? Our expert Product Development team is at your disposal to explore options and craft recipes unique to your business.

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The Process.

Step 1: You contact us with your idea.

Step 2: We’ll forward your inquiry to our Product Development Department and create a formulation.

Step 3: We bake a test batch of your new product.

Step 4: If you're happy with it, we schedule production.

If you’re not 100% satisfied, the Development Team tweaks the formula until you are!