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Safa Food is one of the largest and most advanced bakery manufacturers in Ireland, spanning three major sections in one facilities: flat breads & Gluten Free, Sugar Free Confectionery. With rapidly changing trends in consumer needs our Innovation and Research & Development teams continuously work with customers and consumer forums to provide innovative offerings for today’s market.

Our product Development capabilities and processing expertise coupled with Safa Foods' research and marketing teams have ensured that our brands East West Bakery are leaders in the European manufacturing bakery sector.

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Sugar confectionary.

After years of development with our product mix that includes no sugar cake and gluten free cakes range soon to be launched in 2018, low carb, and low calorie, Sugarless confectionary appeals to a dynamic marketplace. Our customers like our approach and ability to relate to their dietary needs with our honest and informative opinions.

If you are surfing the web looking for sugar free confectionary and have found us, Welcome to Safa Food, you have found a bakery with the highest quality of sugar free confectionery, available on the market such as Muffins, Brownies, Bakewell slices, Apple tarts, white, Chocolate, Pineapple and coconut slices, Frangipane raspberry flan.

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Our gluten free promise

We strive to create great tasting, high quality, gluten free products that you can be sure are made in a safe, non-contaminated environment. We do all the testing and checking so you don’t have too. Our commitment to gluten free transcends every part of the business. This includes having the appropriate certification from our suppliers, lab testing the breads and confectionery ensuring bakery team clearly understand the processes we have to maintain a non-contaminated environment.

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