Our Products :

Our current range of ‘Breads’ are made fresh every day.

Pita bread is a flat, round bread made from wheat flour, yeast leavened and baked in a very hot oven. The layers usually separate during baking, forming a pocket that can be filled with meats, cheeses and other items. Our Pita Bread is available in two flavors white and whole meal.
White Pitta

Mediterranean Wraps
Mediterranean style flat breads fit right in with today’s busier life-styles. Perfect for lunches, picnics, or on the- go snacks .soft, delicious, healthful, Mediterranean style flat breads simply wrap around any kind of fillings. Available in white or whole wheat.


Our Bread is made with the best quality Irish ingredients we can find.
For example: our flour comes from either Andrews Flour or Odlums.

We are also developing new products to add to our existing range.

We are in a position to make orders to your requirement – subject to suitable quantities.

For any retailer that wants a product branded with their details – we are also able to offer this survive – subject to suitable quantities

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